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The book provides the scientific explanation of how rural people have been dealing with agro-biological problems over generations. It is written in Kannada, the local language of Karnataka state, and contains a glossary of local plant names. History The book was written by Thimmannaiah Karvahlo, a village man and a scientist. The book was published by the publishers Jnanpith, Kannada University, Bangalore, in 2004. This book is mentioned in the curriculum of M.Sc. in biology and other courses. It is also used in the villages as a source of biological information to farmers. In the preface, it is said that the book was written for the villagers to teach them to grow crops. It is an amalgam of chapters written by Mr. Karvahlo. Content Chapters 1–6 The first six chapters of the book deals with agronomy of crops, methods of cultivation, crop protection and diseases. Chapters 7–12 The next six chapters deals with taxonomy of plants. The taxonomy of major crops and a list of economically important plants are given. Chapters 13–19 The next six chapters deals with resource management of agriculture, cattle breeding, wild plants of Karnataka and endogamy. Chapters 20–23 The next six chapters deals with entomology, veterinary medicine, forestry and urban farming. Chapters 24–27 The last six chapters deals with soil science and ecology. A glossary of local plant names, methods for pest control, house hold experiments are given in the final chapter. Reception In 2011, this book was awarded the B. M. Patil Prize for Kannada. References External links Book details Category:Agricultural books Category:Biographies about scientists Category:Science books Category:Kannada non-fiction books Category:Biographies about writers Category:2004 non-fiction books Category:2004 in IndiaEccentric exercise and type II diabetes mellitus. Exercise is a non-pharmacological therapy that is often used in the management of type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Eccentric exercise has become popular as a form of exercise, which has proved to be effective for treating T2DM. This study reviews the effects of eccentric exercise on glucose and insulin metabolism in T2DM. PubMed searches



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