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Join Us for Our April Parents Empathy Circle!

The Parents Empathy Circle is an opportunity for parents and caregivers of children to support each other. This is a time and space that is just for us. We're not there to solve anyone else's problems, we don't have to fix anything, or do anything other than take care of ourselves. Participation is free and open to all parents, guardians and caregivers of children.

We typically start the group with brief introductions and a short meditation. Most of our time together is spent paired up with another parent in a breakout room where we practice tuning into ourselves and sharing what is on our minds, and mindful listening. We also may practice reflective listening, and guessing of feelings and needs.

Join us to connect with other parents, share your joys and your challenges, and receive support through listening and compassionate presence.


Thursdays, April 1st, April 15th & April 29th, 2021. 7:30-8:45pm EST

**To support the structure of the Circle, participants will not be able to join after 7:45pm. If you miss it this time, join us for the next one!

Parents Empathy Circle is facilitated by Jeannie Anderson.

Details & Registration:

April 1st:

April 15th:

April 29th: