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Heart to Heart Partners with Quincy, Massachusetts Agency to Reach Parents in Need

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Our second Parenting with Nonviolent Communication series began on May 18th. We partnered with QCAP (Quincy Community Action Programs) to reach parents in need in the Quincy and Braintree communities of Massachusetts. QCAP has been the leading anti-poverty service provider in the Greater Quincy region since 1965.

They work side-by-side with residents, leaders, and partners to ensure that the needs of the community and its families are met. QCAP provided funding to cover the cost of families from Quincy and Braintree with children under age 8 to participate in the 8-week series.

The technology of Zoom has provided broad reach for our parenting program. The 24 participants hail from 7 states including Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Illinois, and California.

We’re not only serving parents but grandparents,

educators, pastors, aunts, and nonprofit staff members

who support families in need and work with traumatized children.

"This session gave me several ‘aha moments’ of learning completely new things and also shedding new understanding on topics that I have been familiar with, but looking at it a completely different way. For example, I have not considered the importance of recognizing physical sensations until Chris shared her example. Who knew??!! I feel like there is a part of me that has JUST been awakened and now I'm looking forward to learning more!" - Parent of two teens.