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The Season for Nonviolence, January 30 to April 4, 2021, celebrates the lives of Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. and seeks to extend their work for peace

Support Heart to Heart's Peace Leaders by ordering Peace Flags on this site!

Heart to Heart helps people in and out of prisons experience inner peace and become leaders of peace. We are celebrating the 64-day Season for Nonviolence by growing our Peace Leader programs.

Heart to Heart is partnering with the Peace Flag Project to spread the message of peace. From January 30 to April 4, 100%  of the funds raised will support our Peace Leader programs. For each $25 donated, you receive a flag - or send one to a friend.

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Spread a message of peace.

Help us prepare a new generation of Peace Leaders

See the Peace Leaders your order will support!

Heart to Heart's Gallery of Peace Leaders

By donating to Heart to Heart you receive Peace Flags to fly and share

All funds will support our Peace Leaders Programs

Your Order Supports these Heart to Heart Programs

Heart to Heart Reentry and Reintegration
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Heart to Heart Families
Peace Leader programs in schools, faith communities, and workplaces

About the Peace Flag

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The international peace flag with rainbow colors and the word PACE, Italian for peace, emblazoned on it has its roots in a peace march in Milan, Italy in 1961. In 2002, this PACE peace flag was flown from over 1 million balconies in Europe, calling against the impending war and bombing of Iraq.

Natick, Massachusetts activist Maggie Sky and artist Virginia Fitzgerald along with an entire "Peace Flag Team" were inspired to create a peace flag design in the name of racial justice and that speaks to justice, equity and inclusion and contests violence. Their redesign added skin tones and black lettering with all colors standing side by side, a symbol of solidarity and a call for justice and equity.

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