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Heart to Heart Families: Starter Class

Course Title:

The Heart of Resilience: Nurturing your child’s self-understanding, self-compassion and emotional intelligence while caring for your own needs.

Description of Basic Approach

The Heart to Heart Families Starter Class brings a holistic approach to understanding your child’s behaviors and gives you the tools and awareness to address situations with far more clarity about what’s important to you and what’s a fit for everyone involved. This pilot program is based on the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) approach of Communication for Connection, a teaching style developed over the past decade of extensive work with parents and educators by our lead Families trainer Filipa Hope.  Filipa is an international parent educator whose unique blend of child development and Nonviolent Communication provides a framework of growth for you and your child. 

Join Heart to Heart with Filipa as she guides you through the process of building relationships based on compassion, connection and trust with your child. You will also develop an awareness of language that builds connection, collaboration, empathy, and empowerment.

“A well delivered, empowering, encouraging and engaging workshop, that will profoundly affect my quality of life.” - Father


“As a result of this learning I can avoid the use of punishment at home and begin to find new strategies which meet my son’s needs and my own.  I can see my son’s behaviour as an expression of his needs and respond from a place of non-judgment.” - Mother

You'll Experience

  • An opportunity to add significant skill to your toolbox for yourself and your family

  • Reduced parenting stress and a sense of satisfaction in your parenting choices.

  • Greater cooperation, harmony and enjoyment in your family!

  • Learning in a supportive community with opportunities to continue skills practice

Course Dates:

  • 7 consecutive weeks on Thursdays from 1-3pm EST. Jan. 28th - March 11, 2021.


$425 for first parent; $350 for second parent.

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