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a healing presence in the world

Help us spread the message

Mobilize for Peace!

Support Heart to Heart's Peace Leaders Program

Peace. We all want it—in our homes, streets and communities.

If you want peace, you can help.

By donating to get one or more peace flags, you will enable Heart to Heart to train peace leaders in our communities.

Peace leaders show us how to find peace within. They show us how to find compassion for others and heal the hurt that divides us.

If you believe in the healing power of love and peace, show your support for a nonviolent world with a peace flag!


Heart to Heart

Peace Leader Programs

About Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart: Comienzos East, Inc., a nonprofit with projects from Maryland to Massachusetts, seeks to heal and empower people who have been marginalized and are in need.

In small group settings, Heart to Heart helps people develop the skills of mindfulness, empathy, decision-making and conflict transformation so they can connect, heal and grow.

Heart to Heart has helped thousands of people who were incarcerated to transform their lives, helping them to heal emotional wounds, and giving them the skills to thrive and contribute to their communities outside prison walls. We are expanding our work to reach families impacted by incarceration, trauma and violence, and helping people become peace leaders in their schools, churches, workplaces and other community settings.

Heart to Heart Reentry and Reintegration
Heart to Heart Families.jpg
Heart to Heart Families
Peace Leader programs in schools, faith communities, and workplaces

About the Fundraiser

The fundraiser will run from January 30 to April 4, the global Season for Nonviolence, which commemorates the lives of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. They inspired the Nonviolent Communication teachings of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, on which Heart to Heart’s program is based.


Heart to Heart will use the funds from Peace Flag donations to educate and train peace leaders in prison and community settings and to initiate its newest program, Heart to Heart Families.

About Our Peace Flags

Heart to Heart is partnering with the Peace Flag Project to spread the message of peace. 100% of the funds raised will support our Peace Leader programs. For each $25 donated, you will receive a 3ft. x 5 ft. flag - or you can send one to a friend.

The original international peace flag with rainbow colors was flown from over 1 million balconies in Europe, calling against the impending war and bombing of Iraq. Natick, Massachusetts activist Maggie Sky and artist Virginia Fitzgerald, along with an entire Peace Flag Team, were later inspired to design a peace flag in the name of racial justice. They added skin tones and black lettering to the rainbow colors—a symbol of solidarity and equality for all.

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