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Welcome to Heart to Heart Families

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Heart to Heart helps parents, caregivers and educators who are called to be a healing presence in their families and communities raise thriving children. We do this by forming supportive learning communities and teaching four essential skills, based on Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and other sources. These skills are mindfulness, empathy, decision-making, and conflict transformation:

  • Mindfulness helps parents stay in the present moment with less stress.

  • Empathy is the essential skill of listening well - to your children, yourself, and others.

  • Our needs-based decision-making model helps parents recognize all the needs involved in a situation and make choices that work for everyone.

  • Conflict transformation is the essential skill that helps parents diffuse tense situations, and find win-win-win responses in challenging moments.

Our transformative education supports parents, caregivers and educators in becoming peace leaders in their homes, in their communities, and in our world and in raising future generations of children with connection, compassion, resilience
and peace.

1. Heart to Heart Parenting Introduction

2. Heart to Heart Parenting Essentials - our 7-session series

3. Ongoing Heart to Heart Empathy Circles for mutual support

4. Materials and resources for you and your children

Interested in learning more about Heart to Heart Families or bringing it to your school, faith community or organization? Email

Heart to Heart Families is an emerging project sparked by the creativity and vision of Chris Hartstein, co-author of the children's book An Inside Story.  Chris is a Heart to Heart learner and graduate of Heart to Heart’s Yes to Life program.

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