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Heart to Heart Families

Everyday with our children presents new challenges and joys. They keep growing and changing and invite us into this journey of growth that is parenting. Although each child is unique and each family has its own gifts and challenges, we don’t have to go on this journey alone.

The Heart to Heart Families program brings parents, caregivers and children to learn the four core skills that are essential for navigating life. These are the MEDC skills of Mindfulness, Empathy, Decision making and Conflict transformation. These skills are based on the pioneering work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of Nonviolent Communication, and other global experts.

Heart to Heart Families helps us care for ourselves as we care for our children.

Our Programs for Parents and Caregivers Offer: 


1. Heart to Heart Parenting introduction

2. Heart to Heart Parenting Essentials workshop or ten-session series

3. Ongoing Heart to Heart practice of groups of mutual support

4. Inside-Out Coaching

5. Materials and resources for you and your children

  1. Our "Heart to Heart for Teachers" six-session introduction

For Teachers, Counselors & Other Professionals Working with Children

  •  Teacher mutual support circles 

  4. "Inside-Out Coaching"

  • Peer meditation and conflict resolution training for students

  • Heart to Heart Club formation & moderator support

  3. Monthly webinars

  • Peer leadership training for students

  2. Support in formaing groups for your school, including: 


  5. Materials and resources for you and your students

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing our program to your community.

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