We operate in Southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, offering a variety of workshops, classes, and retreats.

Monthly Workshop Series

On the second Saturday of each month, Heart to Heart hosts a three hour workshop focused on some aspect of Nonviolent Communication or MEDC*.  Led by a trained facilitator, these workshops offer participants an opportunity to explore a specific topic in depth and practice new skills.  Again, all experience levels are welcome! Find information about these monthly workshops on our Facebook page, or feel free to email or call us to learn more.

Workplace Workshops

We would be happy to come to your offices and offer our workplace trainings.  

Faith Community Workshops

We partner with faith-based organizations to provide Mindfulness, Empathy, Decision-Making, and Conflict Resolution​ (MEDC) training.

Full-Day Retreat

Our full-day retreats are perfect for workplaces, faith-based organizations, schools, or community groups. 

Weekend Retreat

Our trainers can provide an in-depth weekend retreat suitable for workplaces, faith-based organizations, schools, or community groups.

Learning Series for Schools and Communities

This offering is specifically designed for students and community groups.

Learning Series for Recovery Centers and Halfway Houses

Our trainers have presented programs for these specific populations in need. 

We would love to hear from you! 

Please contact us to learn more about our various offerings and locations. 

Our pricing is based on your program needs, and we would be happy to discuss the many available options.