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Heart-to-Heart is a nonprofit organization located in Merchantville, New Jersey that offers transformative education in jails, prisons, and communities.


OUR MISSION IS TO ProvidE transformative education in jails, prisons, and communities

Heart-to-Heart has its roots in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Two Catholic sisters researched best practices in educational, therapeutic programs in U.S. jails and prisons and created Comienzos (which means “beginnings”) in 1988.  

After ten years as a teacher and leader with Comienzos, Stephen Michael Tumolo brought the program to the Delaware Valley in 2008. Heart-to-Heart: Comienzos East started offering classes in one state prison and was soon recognized for its significant impact, garnering the attention of NBC News and commendation by the New Jersey legislature.

Our impact has continued to spread, and today a growing collection of professional facilitators with extensive training and/or certification in Nonviolent Communication, yoga, and meditation teach Heart-to-Heart classes in a number of locations. We offer programs at the Camden County Correctional Facility, Bayside State Prison, and the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia. In addition, we offer practice groups and workshops in New Jersey and Philadelphia.