Chris Hartstein

Creative Director


Chris is the author of An Inside Story: A Children’s Book for Grown-ups Too! which introduces engaging imagery for sharing self-awareness and need based understanding with people of all ages. She is especially focused on bringing this learning to parents and children because she witnessed the miraculous power Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication has to guide connection and growth in the process of parenting. 

Steve Tumolo 

Executive Director

Ahaji Schreffler


Bobbi Daniels 


Noreen Begley



Noreen Begley's rich career of serving in health care and human services includes providing substance abuse recovery services to Veterans, adolescents, women and a public detox program.   Her interests in privacy developed as trust is a factor in developing beneficial substance abuse treatment.  She currently serves as a Privacy Officer for the VA Boston Healthcare System. 

Michael Coley

Board Member


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