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Heart to Heart classes focus on the following four critical skills:

encourages learners to live more fully in the present moment.

helps learners connect with others - and themselves - with compassion.

helps learners take their own needs and those of others into account when making choices.

helps learners find win-win solutions to seemingly intractable struggles.

​Together, growth in these four skills empowers people to take responsibility for their

own lives and to connect more compassionately with their families and communities.

Professional facilitators with extensive training and/or certification in Nonviolent Communication,

yoga, and meditation teach Heart to Heart classes in a number of locations:  

  • Bayside State in Prison in Maurice River Township, NJ
  • Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia, PA
  • Camden County Correctional Facility in Camden, NJ

In addition, we offer practice groups and workshops in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.  

Programs and services: 

  • MEDC (mindfulness, empathy, decision-making and conflict transformation) training, based on Nonviolent Communication
  • Yoga in partnership with Transformation Yoga Project
  • Meditation
  • Retreats and workshops offering pathways to healing

Classes, workshops, and Retreats 

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