• Do you want to bring life-changing skills and awareness to incarcerated men and women and others hungry for a more free and creative life? 

  • Do you want to share a Heart-to-Heart way with hungry learners at the margins of society? 

  • ​​Do you want to share a way of living that connects people to their heart’s deepest desires, to their needs—the motivating force of life? 

  • ​Do you want to develop and teach the Five Core Skills of Mindfulness, Empathy, HeartDriven Decision-Making, Conflict Transformation, and Resiliency?

  • ​Do you want to deepen your practice of living in the present moment, experiencing wholeness and belonging with all of life? 

Are You Interested in Becoming a Heart to Heart Trainer?

If so, then Becoming a Heart-to-Heart Trainer may be right for you.

Contact us by calling (856) 406-6153 or emailing saw.heart2heart@gmail.com.

(856) 406-6153