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Heart-to-Heart is a nonprofit organization, serving Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, that helps people reclaim their innate capacity for compassion. Our transformative classes in mindfulness and empathetic communication provide a vital toolkit of inner resources that empowers individuals, families, organizations, and communities—in particular those affected by incarceration—to break patterns of addiction, alienation, and violence and make choices that lead to thriving futures.

Heart-to-Heart's classes, workshops, and training model are available for individuals

and groups seeking to make change on a personal, organizational, or structural level.

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Love It or Fix It:  Using NVC to Clean Up the Mess

Saturday, June 8, 2019

“Despite my best intentions, I seem to trigger somebody’s judgment,  anger, or disappointment just about every day.”
Does this sound familiar? If so, the good news is that we can help!  The skills of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can help improve all sorts of situations–even stubborn interpersonal messes. 

Join Heart-to-Heart for this three-hour workshop and explore:

• How to re-engage with someone after we’ve “made a mess”
• How to maximize healing in the relationship
• How simple and effective it is to use NVC tools

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